What Makes Us Different?


“We consider the introduction to Labyrinth Consulting as the luckiest break ever. In the briefest of time (3 working days) Labyrinth had provided the necessary solutions for:

Financial and fiscal consultancy (from set up to a complete understanding of our fiscal position with the company papers in our hands)

Business partners (not just providing the technical Know-How, but potential partners keen to see our business expand in Malta).

The most sensational aspect of Labyrinth was the speed with which they helped us to achieve our objectives and the quality of the people they could call upon to help us “

“Labyrinth are your first point of contact in Malta. And their advice is worth its weight in gold”

If we can’t be of service, we have an extensive network of excellent people who can solve your problems. After all helping people to get on in life is what it’s all about and who better to do this for you than somebody who has already learned how to.

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Consulting Malta

Malta Ireland

Why Choose Us?

We are honest passionate and persistent with a razor sharp focus on winning. You are our number one priority because we prefer to work with fewer rather than multiple clients’ at the same time.   

You will be impressed by the speed with which we will close the gap between what you are and what you want to be in Malta. 

We guarantee that you will be working with senior consultants at all times to help give you the edge. We will never deploy junior consultants at any time during your project in Malta.         

Intercultural Consultancy

Strategic Operations Consultants

  • Innovative solutions to counteract the challenges in an increasingly uncertain, volatile, competitive and ambiguous world. We help to future-proof businesses by helping to translate best international practices into local settings and provide the best plan how to embed a culture of continuous improvement throughout an organisation.   

Your Operations Blueprint 

Internationally Experienced Executives

Marketing and Corporate Communications Consultants

  • We will deliver a culturally adapted Marketing plan that will acquire, new consumers, delight and excite existing consumers and ensure that brand YOU stands out from the crowd and prospers. Our tailor-made plans will hit a chord with your target public’s and improve your corporate image and reputation to ensure corporate objectives are achieved.  

 Strengthen Brand You Here     

The Waypoint for your Business in Malta and Ireland

Risk and Business Development Consultants

  • Our R.B.D services, firstly, assess markets on behalf of our clients to evaluate if their business model is a good fit for that country. Secondly, we audit the quality of resources in country to see if there is capacity to support our clients’ strategic growth plan. Lastly, we test and audit our clients’ ability to survive and defensive and offensive strategies against threats from many different angles.        

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We Will Keep You On The Right Track In And Out Of Malta !

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Labyrinth Consulting Malta Ltd

Address: Sliema, Malta

Tel:356- 21340025



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