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“We consider the introduction to Labyrinth Consulting as the luckiest break ever. In the briefest of time (3 working days) Labyrinth had provided the necessary contacts for:

Financial and fiscal consultancy (from set up to a complete understanding of our fiscal position with the company papers in our hands)

Business partners (not just providing the technical Know-How, but potential partners keen to see our business expand in Malta)

However, the most sensational aspect of the company was their, hands on approach; personally managing the individual contacts and providing exactly what we required”

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Consulting Malta

Malta Ireland

Why Hire Us?

  • Our people’s trustworthiness, impartiality, technical skills and smart solutions that we delpoy to help you to achieve your objectives for doing business in and out of Malta. And our fresh ideas and knowledge around what will and will not work in Malta and on whom can help. The speed with which we close the gap between what you are and what you want to be in Malta. You’re our top priority because we work with fewer clients’ and not multiple clients’ to ensure that you do not waste time.    
  • An unbeatable 25 years of hands on insider knowledge on doing business in Malta and Ireland and proven results across key economic areas of activity such as financial services advice, foreign exchange trading, foreign exchange payments, property development, tourism, aviation, maritime, media, operational and financial risk management and FMCG.
  • A leadership team on hand 24/7 to act on your behalf in Malta who speak your language. We are experts at diplomatically removing inefficiencies and fixing problems before they cause blockages for your business so that you can get on with setting up, improving and doing good business with good people in and out of Malta. You will have direct access to experienced senior consultants at all times.        
Intercultural Consultancy

Strategic Operations Consultants

  • Strategic Operations solutions that firstly, audit and improve the operations function to satisfy market requirements and how resources can contribute to the businesses strategic success. Secondly, ‘how’ any function within a business can develop its processes and resources and establish its strategic role. All supported by a cutting edge system that is clear and contributes to a businesses competitive success relative to competitors over the long-term. 
  • Specialist Diversity and intercultural communications training solutions that improve an organisations cultural intelligence and results when doing business across borders. Proven practical techniques that will help your people to quickly resonate with diverse customers and colleagues and gain their trust. Supported by Hofstede certified intercultural training solutions that have been proven over the last thirty years to help leaders, managers, and employees to transfer their knowledge naturally, nurture innovation, lead and motivate across cultures and improve their enterprise’s competitiveness.  

We will Ensure Your Resources can Exceed Market Requirements. Build Unique Capabilities To Stay Ahead of Competitors

Internationally Experienced Executives

Marketing and Corporate Communications Consultants

  • Marketing Strategies that acquire and excite consumers and maximise profits and value by identifying a firm’s uniqueness.
  • We excel at helping brands to gain trust with hard to reach consumers in diverse markets. Some of our success stories include the Malta Rugby Football Union (MRFU). We executed a plan that doubled sponsors and improved existing sponsors return on investment. We persuaded DHL to chose a Maltese Youth to present the match day ball to the referee at the Scotland versus USA Rugby World Cup 2015. Our web design team redesigned the MRFU’s website from the ground up. We helped the media partner who is responsible for the delivery of the FM guide to make the 5th edition of the Finance Malta Business Directory and Investment Guide 2014 to be one of the best editions ever. We brainstormed with the CEO of this media house and provided him with new and fresh ideas on how to improve their other publications and new product development such as the first Economist conference ever held in Malta.            
  • Corporate Communications whereby, we become the conscience of our clients business and execute the plan to protect and grow their reputation. In this role, we lead the execution of communications strategies so that all key constituencies such as employees, communities, and consumers are fully engaged with the vision mission and values of the business. We have on average delivered a 27% improvement on our client’s triple bottom line. However, the biggest return on investment for our clients is an average 40% improvement in employee retention and attraction rates.

Discover What Buyers Want and Achieve Your Objectives     

The Waypoint for your Business in Malta and Ireland

Research and Business Development Consultants

  • Our impartial research tools evaluate countries, institutions and their people at a micro-macro and societal level to ensure a good fit between employee, organisation, client and country. Our business researchers are excellent at helping organisations to find solutions to a problem after a thorough audit and analysis of the situational factors. We guarantee that our business research is systematic and highly organised to investigate specific problems and will remove redundancies and inefficiencies.    
  • Our specialist new business development team provide our clients with the on the ground skilled human resources to investigate the viability of new opportunities, win new quality busines and to gauge and test the appetite of clients for new products and services.   

We Guarantee Impartial Business Advice that Will Keep You on the Right Track!

Speak with us Now if you require a Trusted Partner to Kick-Start and Improve your Business in and out of Malta and Ireland.

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