Our Expertise

  • We are a small tight knit family of foreign business growth consultants based in Malta who will truly listen to you and give you the time so that we can fully understand what you need to achieve your business goals in multiple markets.  
  • We specialize in helping Family Businesses, B2B and B2C and Services Companies to fast track and evaluate the set up of their business in and out of foreign countries, how to adapt their business to improve results in foreign markets and on the ground impartial business intelligence on risk factors and cultural differences that could have a material impact on your business.  


Consulting Malta

Malta Ireland

What Makes Us Unique

  • Our excellent results around solving and fixing our clients problems creatively before they become an issue for their business. The speed with which we accomplish our clients requirements to their exact specifications.   
  • Unbeatable local market knowledge, business intelligence and warm relationships with key decision makers across all levels of the private and public sectors. We have a large network of tried and trusted partners across a broad range of industries across 6 continents to ensure that you have access to professionals who are equally decisive and a pleasure to do business with.     
Intercultural Consultancy

Management and Business Consultants

  • Management Consulting Services for Irish and Maltese business leaders  who understand that improvements start with a ground zero audit of their peoples capacities and capabilities to make the right decisions when faced with uncertainty and risky situations.
  • Diversity and intercultural management training solutions that build an organisation’s global mindset. Strategies on how to gain trust quickly and to win with diverse colleagues and clients’. Data-driven Hofstede certified intercultural training solutions that have been proven over the last thirty years to help leaders, managers, and employees to transfer their knowledge naturally and to motivate across cultures.   


Internationally Experienced Executives

Marketing and Corporate Communications Consultants

  • Marketing Strategies and practical plans that delight and excite existing consumers, win new customers and are measurable for their value add. We excel at building relationships with hard to reach consumers in diverse markets through our creative ways of coming up with that spark to ignite interest and engagement. Some of our success stories  include the Malta Rugby Football Union (MRFU). We successfully crafted a tailor made sponsorship programme for this organisation which doubled the number of their sponsors. Our negotiations with DHL resulted in a Maltese Youth being chosen to present the match day ball to the referee at the Scotland versus USA Rugby World Cup 2015. Our team were entrusted to completely redesign and Market the MRFU’s website in 2016. We more than doubled the advertisers in the 5th edition of the Finance Malta Guide 2014 on behalf of our client. In tandem, we strategically repositioned the Malta Country Report, doubled advertisers and attracted a number of new stakeholders to invest in this publication. We are also very proud that our input behind the scenes helped to make the first ever Economist conference held in Malta a great success.           
  • Corporate Communications whereby, we become the conscience of our clients business and most important asset their reputation. In this role we have crafted and implemented communications strategy to all key constituencies including employees, communities and consumers to ensure reputable and ethical dealings happen between all stakeholder groups. As a result, our clients’ have on average experienced a 27% improvement across marketing, sales, operations,financial departments and CSR projects.  However, the biggest value add that we have created through these strategies is a marked improvement in staff retention and attraction rates for our clients’.   

The Waypoint for your Business in Malta and Ireland

Research and Business Development Consultants

  • In our opinion impartial Research and Business Development is the secret sauce of every successful enterprise. 
  • Our discreet RBD services are stregthened by our Risk Assessment Tools that have been developed and adapted over many years working within the financial services industry to provide our clients with a high degree of probability on likely outcomes to ensure minimal uncertainty, viability, time wastage and capabilitites of key assets to implement and deliver a return on investment. 

We guarantee solutions that are impartial, realistic, feasible and easy to understand.

Speak to us Now if you need a trusted Partner to Kick-Start your Business in and out of Malta and Ireland.

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