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We are excellent listeners, humble and pragmatic. A globally orientated team of internationally experienced foreign management consultants based in Malta. Our backgrounds include the Financial services industry, Entrepreneurship, Risk Management, Economics, Communications, Health care Sciences, Strategic Human Resources Management and innovative Corporate Trainers. Our proven methodologies review, revitalize, identify, quantify, prioritize, recommend and optimize organisations. We facilitate Maltese and Irish organisations to set up and operate seamlessly in foreign marketplaces.

Our entrepreneurial team deliver expert action based solutions for like minded businesses internationalizing their ventures from Malta and Ireland worldwide. We mitigate against risk, ensure successful face to face negotiations and outcomes within and between firms going through the merger and acquisition process. The retention of customers during company to company alliances and joint ventures.

We provide action based intercultural management training for senior executives managing global teams and their employees. Our creative and innovative marketing and corporate sponsorship team come up with the ideas to craft customer centered relationship orientated strategies for business owners who are looking to make a greater contribution to the customer value creation process.


Consulting Malta

Malta Ireland

What do we do?

Labyrinth will craft and facilitate your business set up in Malta and Ireland quickly, efficiently and seamlessly.Results will be smart and sustainable. We ensure the best resources and capabilities are available to make it happen for your business in Malta and Ireland guaranteed. We leverage the nuances of people in combination with the best aspects of different ways of doing things to get the job done.

Intercultural Consultancy

Management Consulting & Intercultural Training

  • Global management consulting services and intercultural management training services.
  • We optimize organisations their performance and provide intuitive development plans for improvement.
  • We are experts at providing high level cultural and economic audit’s and training on Malta and Ireland’s institutions and people. These services provide competitive advantage through people and actionable information from an insiders perspective on how to interact successfully with stakeholders from these dynamic marketplaces.
  • Success orientated organisations are constantly investing in the development of their most important asset their people. We support this strategy through our organisational training services that focus on enabling key decision makers to develop their people, build trust capacity and capability in diverse working environments.
  • We remove the threat of cross cultural management issues that can and do arise in a range of business contexts.For example we train managers on how to sensitize their management style in the correct context to ensure their teams are motivated and performing well. At the core of this training is communication, negotiation and personal development strategies.
  • We guide human resources professionals on how best to adapt their organisational structures and HRM procedures to ensure that all policies and procedures are in tune with their human resources needs. Cross-border, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, alliances and buyer-supplier relationships all require culturally sensitive adaptations. Moreover because of our networked world more and more savvy firms realize that careful preparation from a cultural context throughout  their organisations is essential to the doing and being in business internationally.

Internationally Experienced Executives

Strategic Marketing and Corporate Sponsorship Advisory Services

  • On the ground consultancy services for Financial Institutions,Sporting Organisations,Non Governmental Agencies(NGOs) setting up, re-orientating,revitalizing and expanding their operations in Malta and; Ireland.
  • Engage our internationally experienced team to craft,lead adapt and implement your international business plan, marketing and corporate sponsorship strategies. Let us connect you with everyone and everything you need to do business with in Malta and Ireland. Our marketing strategies are tailor made to add value and to optimise engagement with your audience.

The Waypoint for your Business in Malta and Ireland

The Best of The Best


  • Sick of trawling through the internet on who and what you need to do business with in Malta and Ireland? Look no further.Let us match your requirements with the other service providers who you need to complete your project.
  • We we a mine of information from a provider perspective. We are on the ground have real relationships built up over many years of interactions in both countries. Our personal connections become your connections.
  • We will save you time and reduce expenditure by providing you with a discreet personal consultant who will negotiate on your behalf and match you with the right provider from the get go. This value add service has saved our client’s an average of 30% on set up cost’s alone.This intervention ensures that you have a trustworthy and capable partner throughout your investment.
  • We are your direct line to everyone and everything you need to do business with in Malta and Ireland face to face guaranteed.

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