Our Expertise

  • A multi-disciplinary team of business growth consultants who focus on helping B2B and B2C and services companies to jump start their businesses in and out of Malta and Ireland.


Consulting Malta

Malta Ireland

What Makes Us Unique

  • Our excellent results around solving and fixing our clients problems before they become an issue for their business.
  • Unbeatable market knowledge and ability to network and connect seamlessly with key decision makers across all levels within the private and public sectors in many countries.
Intercultural Consultancy

Management and Business Consultants

  • Management Consulting Services for Irish and Maltese businesses internationalizing their products and services.
  • Diversity training and personal development training programs that build an organisations global mindset. Market leading academically certified intercultural training and diversity programs that improve people’s intercultural awareness levels, communications skills, negotiations skills and more importantly their firm’s reputations and capabilities on how to deal effectively with foreign clients and colleagues in fast moving industries in challenging environments.
  • International Human Resources Management Solutions. We craft and tailor-make Strategic Human Resources plans that support HR departments. Our interventions ensure that employees are aligned with the ethos of their organisation, enhance employee engagement levels, optimize retention levels and ensure a happy and productive work force.


Internationally Experienced Executives

Marketing and Corporate Communications Consultants

  • Marketing Strategies that in a nutshell delight existing clients and win new clients. We excel at revitalizing struggling brands and engagement with hard to reach consumers in diverse markets. Known for our innovative and creative ways of coming up with that little idea that no one had ever thought of before.   
  • Corporate Communications whereby we become the conscience of our clients business and reputation. In this role we oversee the communications strategy to all key constituencies including employees, communities and customers.

The Waypoint for your Business in Malta and Ireland

Research and Business Development Consultants

  • In our opinion Research and Business Development is the life-blood of every enterprise.
  • Our RBD services focus on providing our clients with practical and actionable Market and Business Intelligence data that is usable and valuable. Our Research and Risk Assessment Tools adapted over many years in the FX industry provide a unique overview of how risky situations are perceived by key decision makers from diverse backgrounds. Our clients are provided with a high degree of probability on likely outcomes in many situations and of the value of pursuing development opportunities.  

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