Who we are

  • Excellent listeners, humble, flexible and pragmatic with a trusted network spanning six continents.
  • Globally orientated internationally experienced management consultants headquartered in Malta who work worldwide.
  • A diverse team with solid backgrounds in the Financial services industry, Risk Management, Intercultural Communications, Internationalization, New Business Development, Economics, Strategic Human Resources Management, Sports Sponsorship and Relationship Marketing.
  • Facilitators of micro, small and medium sized Maltese and Irish enterprises (SME’s) setting up and operating in foreign marketplaces.
  • Services and business intelligence that is heavily grounded by real world experiences in mitigating our clients against business risk from a macro micro and societal outcomes. Backed up by innovative and research backed resources and capabilities.


Consulting Malta

Malta Ireland

What we do?

  • Labyrinth provide services that are innovative, smart, practical, in-tune with your target market, profitable, risk reviewed, long term orientated and ethically sound.
  • We excel at leveraging the differences between people to your advantage in combination with the best ways of doing things to get the job done internationally.
Intercultural Consultancy

Management Consulting & Intercultural Training

  • Global management consulting services and intercultural communications training services.
  • Optimization of organisations their performance output and their peoples input.
  • High level societal economic audit’s and training for Maltese and Irish organisations internationalizing their businesses to mitigate against unnecessary expenditure, unforeseen barriers to entry, delayed set ups and cultural risk which is so often misjudged when doing business internationally.
  • Selection of the right talent before the selection process to enable key decision makers to have the right people on-board who have additional skill-sets that add value as the organisation develops.
  • Removal of cross cultural threats and issues that can and do arise in a range of business contexts. The research shows that CEO’s believe that providing employee’s with intercultural training is good for their organisations reputation, bringing in new clients, communicating effectively with overseas partners, building respect among colleagues and keeping teams running effectively.
  • Advise human resources professionals with a range of HR tools and training on how to improve organisational structures, training’s, procedures, processes and reward structures to ensure that all HR systems are in tune with the organisations strategic business plan. The research shows that cross-border, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, alliances and buyer-supplier relationships all require culturally sensitized human resources to deliver these needs. A generalized approach to HR is not in our view effective or relevant in today’s globalized workplace.
  • Connection with a global network of trusted warm business ties spanning six continents.


Internationally Experienced Executives

Strategic Marketing and Corporate Sponsorship Advisory Services

  • Consultancy services for organisations setting up, re-orientating, revitalizing expanding and internationalizing their operations from Malta and Ireland.
  • An internationally experienced team of Marketeers who craft, fine tune and ensure implementation of our clients vision mission, values and brand reputation. Known as the ideas ideas people, we drive customer centered relationships for business owners who are looking to make a greater contribution to the customer value creation process. Being in tune with what stimulates a customer to make a purchasing decision forms the basis for our dynamic marketing and sponsorship advisory services.

The Waypoint for your Business in Malta and Ireland

Research & Development


  • Labyrinth excel at providing research and development on the who and what you need to do business with in Malta and Ireland. Your needs matched with the provider best suited to your project requirements. All providers are fully screened and vetted to ensure the highest levels of service and value for money.
  • Business intelligence research that is actionable and continuously updated. Being on the ground enables us to provide our clients with a high value add and independent overview of the reality of doing business in overseas markets. This knowledge provides our clients with a heightened level of decision making capability on likely outcomes. This service is further strengthened by our tried and trusted warm business ties which add considerable value and piece of mind for our clients.
  • Time your most valuable resource is optimized so that you can focus on the bigger picture, reduce expenditure strengthen negotiations with key stakeholders and get on with the important things.   Labyrinths research and development services have saved our client’s an average of 40% on set up cost’s alone.
  • Labyrinth is your first point of contact in Malta and Ireland on everyone and everything you need to do business with in Malta and Ireland face to face guaranteed.

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