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Welcome to Labyrinth Consulting (Malta) Ltd. We are a team of excellent listeners, humble, pragmatic and globally orientated management consultants. Our services review, revitalise, identify, quantify, prioritize, recommend and facilitate Maltese and Irish organisations to set up and operate seamlessly in foreign marketplaces;.

Labyrinth are a team of highly experienced international business consultants who will provide you with the best advice and deliver expert action for your business set up in Malta and Ireland. We ensure successful face to face negotiations and outcomes within and between firms in distress their customers during company to company Alliances, Joint Ventures, Mergers and Acquisitions, Marketing and New product development


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What do we do?

Labyrinth will craft and Facilitate your business set up in Malta and Ireland quickly, efficiently and seamlessly.Results will be immediate. We ensure the best resources and capabilities are available to make it happen for your business in Malta and Ireland guaranteed.

Intercultural Consultancy

Management Consulting & Intercultural Training

Global management consulting and intercultural training services. We ensure organisations optimize their performance and provide development plans for improvement. We are experts at providing high level cultural and economic audit’s of Malta and Ireland’s institutions and people to help provide you with a competitive advantage and insiders perspective on how to do business successfully in these dynamic marketplaces. Success orientated organisations constantly invest in the development of their most important assets their people. Our organisational training services focus on enabling key decision makers to build trust capacity and capability in diverse working environments.

We remove the threat of cross cultural management issues that can and do arise in a range of business contexts.For example managers from a parent foreign firm need to understand that local and foreign employees from the host and home country require culturally adapted organisational structures and HRM procedures. Cross-border, joint ventures, alliances or buyer-supplier relationships require culturally sensitive adaptations.Moreover because of our networked world more and more savvy firms realize that careful preparation is essential in doing business globally.

Labyrinth help organisations from a company to company and face-to-face level to successfully market their products and services to foreign clients. From the outset We ensure efficient communications between parties to avoid culture clashes and leverage the diversity of cultures to combine the best aspects of different ways of doing things.

Internationally Experienced Executives

Marketing PR & Corporate Sponsorship Advisory Services

Consultancy Services for Financial Institutions,Sporting Organisations,Non Governmental Agencies(NGO’S) setting up, re-orientating and expanding their operations in Malta & Ireland.Engage with our internationally experienced team to craft,lead adapt and implement your international business plan, marketing and corporate sponsorship strategies in Malta and Ireland

The Best of The Best

The Best of The Best

The who’s who of service providers amp;for Corporate and Private individuals setting up in Malta & Ireland. One to one warm introductions and information on everyone you need to do business with in Malta.All service providers are leaders in their respective fields, highly trustworthy guaranteed or your money back.

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