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“We consider the introduction to Labyrinth Consulting as the luckiest break ever. In the briefest of time (3 working days) Labyrinth had provided the necessary contacts for:

Financial and fiscal consultancy (from set up to a complete understanding of our fiscal position with the company papers in our hands)

Business partners (not just providing the technical Know-How, but potential partners keen to see our business expand in Malta)

However, the most sensational aspect of the company was their, hands on approach; personally managing the individual contacts and providing exactly what we required”

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Consulting Malta

Malta Ireland

Why Hire Us?

  • Our honesty, wisdom, impartiality and smart solutions that we have crafted and deployed to help our partners to achieve their objectives for doing profitable business in and out of Malta. The brainstorming sessions, fresh new ideas that challenge the status quo and solutions around what will and will not work in Malta and on whom can help and on who is connected to whom to dot the ‘I’ and cross the ‘T’. The speed with which we close the gap between what you are and what you want to be in Malta. You’re our top priority because we prefer to work with clients’ one at a time and not multiple clients’ at the same time to ensure that you’re the top priority.    
  • A valuable 25 years of hands on insider knowledge and experience around how to do business in Malta and Ireland the pitfalls to avoid and how the market operates to fast-track and improve your results.   
  • A leadership team on hand 24/7 to act on your behalf on the ground in Malta and Ireland. We are known for our results around predicting the ‘what if’ scenario’s for our clients’ and on helping them to achieve their objectives. You will have direct access to commercially experienced senior consultants with a minimum of ten years international experience at all times. We will never deploy junior consultants to help with your project in Malta.         
Intercultural Consultancy

Strategic Operations Consultants

  • Strategic Operations solutions that firstly, audit and improve the operations function to exceed market requirements and a structured approach on ‘what’ resources can best contribute to the businesses success. Secondly, ‘how’ any function within a business can develop its own processes and resources to compliment the plan and adapt where necessary. Lastly, a cutting edge operations system that is easily implementable and quantifiable for its impact on a business’s competitive success relative to competitors.  
  • Specialist intercultural training solutions that help people to develop a reliable compass and the navigation skills necessary to find their way through an increasingly uncertain, volatile and ambiguous world. Backed up by over 30 years of intercultural research. Proven results around helping leaders, managers, and employees to transfer their knowledge naturally and to lead, motivate and to negotiate successfully across cultures.  

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Internationally Experienced Executives

Marketing and Corporate Communications Consultants

  • We will provide you with the Marketing Strategies that acquire and excite consumers and help you to maximize profits and value by identifying your firm’s uniqueness. 
  • Our Marketing solutions will optimize your online and offline positioning and image right across the world wide web. We will ethically connect your products and services organically with hard to reach consumers. Some of our success stories include the Maltese Rugby Football Union (MRFU) whereby we crafted and implemented a Relational Marketing plan that doubled sponsorship, improved existing partners return on investment and secured a number one position for the Malta Rugby on Google. The 5th edition of the Finance Malta Business Directory and Investment Guide 2014 whereby we executed a face to face sales and new business development plan that generated 60% of sales for this prestigious publication.                   
  • Corporate Communications Strategies that will help you to connect naturally with your target public’s to improve your corporate reputation and image. After a thorough review of your organization, we will provide you with the plan to ensure that all key constituencies such as employees, communities, and consumers are fully engaged with your organization. 

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The Waypoint for your Business in Malta and Ireland

Risk and Business Development Consultants

  • Our risk and resilience tools firstly, assess countries, institutions and their people at a micro-macro and societal level to mitigate against situations unfolding that could have a material impact on your business. Secondly, the plan to measure our clients’ ability to prevent, withstand and to recover from these events. Lastly, embed the lessons learned from failure into any future recovery plan.     
  • We provide highly skilled New Business Development Professionals who excel at developing new business opportunities and who can quickly determine the likely income generating capability of a product or service in Malta & Ireland.  

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We Guarantee Impartial Business Advice that Will Keep You on the Right Track!

Speak with us Now if you require a Trusted Partner to Kick-Start and Improve your Business in and out of Malta and Ireland.

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