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We excel at facilitating the setting up of businesses in Malta & Ireland.

Labyrinth are a team of Internationally experienced business consultants who will add immediate value to your businesses bottom line both pre and post set up.


Consulting Malta

Malta Ireland

What do we do?

Labyrinth will execute and implement your business set up in Malta and Ireland quickly, efficiently and sustainably. Results will be immediate. We ensure the best resources and capabilities are available to make it happen for your business in Malta & Ireland guaranteed.

Intercultural Consultancy

Intercultural Management Consultancy

World class intercultural business consultancy services. We are experts at providing high level cultural and economic audit’s of Malta and Ireland’s institutions and people to help provide you with an insiders perspective of doing business in these dynamic marketplaces. We remove the threat of cross cultural management issues that can and do arise in a range of business contexts, for example managers from a parent foreign firm need to understand that local and foreign employees from the host and home country may require different organisational structures and HRM procedures. Cross-border joint ventures, alliances or buyer-supplier relationships require culturally sensitive adaptations.Moreover because of globalisation more and more firms are coming head to head with the added complexity of doing business globally, which stems from the huge amount of diversity in the world which will always exist.Labyrinth help organisations from a company to company and face-to-face level to successfully sell their products and services to foreign clients. From the outset We ensure efficient communications between parties to avoid culture clashes and leverage the diversity of cultures to combine the best aspects of different ways of doing things.

Internationally Experienced Executives

Marketing PR & Corporate Sponsorship Advisory Services

Consultancy Services for Financial Institutions, Sporting Organisations & Non Governmental Agencies (NGO’S) setting up and expanding their operations in Malta & Ireland. Engage our Internationally experienced Executives to lead, craft and implement your value proposition worldwide.

The Best of The Best

The Best of The Best

Re-location & Concierge services for Corporate and Private individuals setting up in Malta & Ireland. A full 360 degree service is provided. Access the best of the best from an Accountant to a Lawyer, Real-estate Professional, English language tutor and Healthcare professional. All of our supporting service providers are fully vetted, multilingual and the best in their respective fields guaranteed or your money back.

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